I’m so glad to be starting this Blog. As you can see, I’m just one average teenage guy who wants to Blog about their every day life while remaining anonymous.

I’m using this blog to be one hundred percent myself. Even if no one ever reads this, it will just be a really great way to write about my daily life and maybe have something to look back on and laugh about in the future.

Obviously I go through struggles like every average teenager and due to that fact I’m gay (ugh I hate the labels that come with this) I have quite a few strong opinions/beliefs that I will want to share with you all over time.

I’m super excited to even be writing this post, let alone some other ideas I want to eventually write about.

I guess this is the end of this post…

TeenGuyOnline, going offline xxx

P.S. If Zoe Sugg every reads this (I wish) and wants me to change my out-tro, I will! I just thought since this blog is inspired by ‘GirlOnline’ its only fitting.


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