So… everyone has a teacher they don’t like, right? Possibly even a teacher that doesn’t like them? Well this teacher certainly doesn’t like me!

Lets call him Mr Biased. Mr Biased is my English teacher and at first I thought he was pretty cool but wow, how times have changed. He feels the need to pick on me every lesson, all lesson. This may sound like I’m being over dramatic but hear me out first.

Every lesson since the start of this year (year 10 for me), he starts it off by quote on quote “randomly” choosing 2 people to hand out the books. Of course he always picks me or someone he knows will pick me (whatever, I don’t care. Its just handing out the books).

Then within the lesson I get my name called out at least 6 times (still not being over-dramatic. This figure is extremely accurate). My name is called out for random reasons, such as:

-“ME turn around” (obviously my name isn’t “ME” but lets go with it for now.) Half the time I’m even not turned around or I am turned around but its because I’m getting stuff out of my bag.

-“ME what is this answer to this question?” Okay seriously?  There are 20 other people in this classroom and you feel the need to ask me every single question?

-“ME will you be quiet?” Okay when did my lips even move?

-(this is the most annoying one of them all) He will just be reading a random sentence then feel the need to say my name afterwards, example: “Sheila then looked in horror, ME!” What is his problem?

Okay so I get that this doesn’t sound that annoying which, I guess, it isn’t and I manage to put up with it. However 3 days ago I was on my way to English but I was a bit late because my tutor held us in for a bit longer then normal. On my way into the classroom, one of my friends casually hit me on the head so of course I say “Ow” as I open the door. I then walk in and sit down.

As I sit in my seat Mr Biased starts yelling “HOW DARE YOU COME INTO MY CLASSROOM LATE, AND DISRUPT THE CLASS. YOU COULD OF AT LEAST SAID ‘Sorry I’m late’ WHEN YOU WALKED THROUGH THE DOOR” (to be honest, I could of said ‘Sorry I’m late’. But due to my strong dislike towards him I had no intention of saying sorry to him!)

I just try to stay calm and get my stuff out of my bag as he continues yelling. Of course he then tells me to ‘Turn around’ when I’m trying to get out my stuff and repeats “I SAW YOU ROLL YOUR EYES, YOU HAVE STOPPED ME FROM TEACHING.” At this point I’m on the edge from going psycho at him so I reply calmly with “Well feel free to continue whenever you like.” he snaps back with “you know what ME thank you, I will” I then reply with ‘You’re so very welcome.’

(The reason I told you that whole little story about 3 days ago was because of this ending. This is the proof that he JUST has it out for me. So read carefully!)

10 minutes (yes ten) after everything has calmed down one of my class mates walk in and takes a seat (lets call him ‘Bob’).  Mr Biased then turns around and says “Hi Bob, how are you?” and starts having a genuine conversation with bob.

Why does Bob get a ‘Hi, how are you?’ when I get a whole lecture on ‘how to enter a classroom properly’. One of my friends think it may be because he is homophobic but obviously I don’t want to resort to thinking that. The majority of the class always come up to me saying how much he hates me. So its obvious to other people that he hates me!

Do any of you have a teacher you don’t particularly like? Let me know in the comments!

but for now…

TeenGuyOnline, going offline xxx


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