Okay so today’s post is about guys (well one guy in particular) so if you don’t like soppy stuff then feel free to go read my last post instead.

There is this relatively new guy (lets call him gingerbread) and he is just a really amazing person. He use to go to the royal ballet school, so he dances and plays the piano. I know people are probably stereotyping to be gay already but he claims to be straight and I can’t tell if he is or not.

I really think I’m starting to like this guy and the majority of my girl-friends (girls that are friends) already accuse me of being ‘madly in love‘ with him but I don’t know exactly how I feel towards him. Anyway here is the issue:

This guy has chosen to do Tag Rugby in PE (Americans call it gym). But due to the fact none of the girls chose Tag Rugby, they are going to make it normal Rugby on Thursday. Gingerbread is still going to do Rugby and he said that he might start doing it often.

I’m so nervous Gingerbread is going to hurt his hand or his leg and not be able to play the piano or dance anymore (why waste your talents just to play one stupid game of rugby?). I did try and convince him to not play and told him that I really don’t want to do it because I know exactly how violent the other guys can be but he still says he wants to give it a go.

Eventually I just gave in and said that he should try it because I didn’t want to debate anymore. (I still don’t think its a very good idea)

As you can tell by all of this, I really care about this guy but I wouldn’t call it a crush? (yet)

Do any of you get nervous about people who are ‘just friends’?

Do any of you have a way to persuade him not to play on Thursday?

Do you think I should just let him play or make sure that he doesn’t?

Let me know!

TeenGuyOnline, Going Offline xxx


9 thoughts on “3: Gingerbread / Rugby

  1. I think that you should let him play, but take care of him if he gets injured. It sounds like you really do care about him, as a friend or something more – it doesn’t really matter at this point – and I’m really happy for you because he sounds like a lovely guy!

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  2. Oh I think it didn’t…I’ll write it again!

    I really hope that he doesn’t injure himself! But he does sound like a great guy! When I saw that he does ballet I already thought he was great! I do ballet and all the boys I know that do it are really nice! Can’t wait to read more of your posts! Your blog is amazing! ❤️

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