Hi guys, This post isn’t anything new and exciting but I just thought I would fill you guys in on what happened on Thursday.

Through out the week I did try and stop Gingerbread from playing rugby, or at least get him to be super careful because I didn’t want him to get hurt! (If you didn’t read my last post, you should probably do that now since this will make no sense to you.)

Gingerbread didn’t seem to be convinced so I was going to have to just let him play.

On Thursday, I had orienteering while he was doing rugby. So I was running around frantically trying to look for numbers while keeping one eye on him at all times.

I eventually managed to get everything I needed and got to watch the game. It started off a little shaky for me because every time I saw him get tackled my heart would stop. Luckily, he was actually really good!

I saw him tackle a few guys and he actually scored a try (which was amazing). It has stopped me from being so worried about him and I know for next time not to panic.

So that’s it really, everything worked out really well! Thank you everyone for the nice comments.

For now…

TeenGuyOnline, going offline xxx


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