Have any of you ever watched Peter Pan and just wished you could run away with your very own peter? I have.

Just imagine having a sleep-over with your 2 best friends (Hollytree and UnicornPrincess). Then in the dead of night, getting 3 knocks on your window from the most attractive guy, who fly’s in with his very own little fairy.

He teaches you how to fly and takes you away to a mysterious and breath taking world that no one has ever seen before.

You all explore the beauty of Neverland, finding caves and waterfalls. Your 2 best friends then follow you under the falling water and get drench but none of you have a care in the world.

On the other side of the waterfall is the most gorgeous view and it’s where for the 4 of you sit down and have a picnic filled with the best, exotic food you can think of.

When your friends have fallen asleep, you watch the sun set. Then the mysterious attractive man turns to you and gives you an intense kiss filled with passion and power.

You melt away into his arms, never wanting this moment to end. As you look into each other’s eyes you realise that you never want to be apart.

You drift off into a deep sleep, still wrapped up safely in his arms.

*RING* you reach over your friends to get the phone sat on your bedside table and switch it to silent.

‘It was a dream? It can’t be!’

You run this scenario in your head over and over. You glare over to the window… *KNOCK* *KNOCK*  *KNOCK*

This post was different from the rest so I really hope you liked it. I do prefer to write about my every day life and that is what this blog is for, but It was nice to do something a little different.

Do you want more posts like this? Or do you prefer my usual stuff?

Let me know!

TeenGuyOnline, going offline xxx


One thought on “5: Neverland

  1. This is so crazy, this has literally been my nearly every waking thought for years now…never really talked to anyone that’s said such an accurate representation of how I feel haha 🙂

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